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You have found the solution for connecting your metering pumps!

You will appreciate the simplicity of the GENI TECNI fittings for connecting your metering pumps with rigid piping.So contact us!
Together we will identify the product you need.
Our solution has already been selected by installers.
By choosing GENI TECNI connectors, you also gain in reliability and simplicity at a lower cost.

Brief Presentation Of Our Products

Our range of connectors for metering pumps is designed to equip pumps of at least four brands.
It makes it possible to adapt a gas pitch or metric fine pitch, like the  ​G1/2'', G5/8'', G3/4'', M20x1.5 threads used on some metering pumps for chemical products, to a G3/4'' or G1'' DN10 or DN15 connector union nut.
Sealing can be obtained with a flat seal or an O-ring.

Some elements of our range replace a valve DN10/DN15 collar(compatible with certain reputable third-party manufacturers valves).

Our fittings can also be adapted to safety valves, discharge valves and multi-function valves.
This range thus avoids all kinds of reductions and does away with the use of PTFE sealing tape.


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